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Prescott AZ Real Estate

Are you looking to buy a new home, a resale home or vacant land? Jerry Cecil PLLC is a real estate firm located in downtown Prescott, AZ. Jerry Cecil PLLC has a working business relationship with many local professionals including; title agencies, banks, property inspectors, building contractors, real state attorneys and CPA’s. There are many Prescott AZ Real Estate Companies and Realtors that you can choose from in the Prescott area.

  • Don’t you want someone who is well trained as a Realtor and negotiator?
  • Do you want a Realtor that you can talk to and not someone that talks at you?
  • Do you want someone that will treat you like a person and not a dollar sign?
  • Do you want a Realtor that will tell you the truth even if it means the Realtor may lose the commission?

Give Jerry Cecil PLLC a call. Sit down with Jerry Cecil for a free consultation. Hopefully, you will feel comfortable right away. If the visit is not what you expect, you have lost nothing.

Listing your Property

If you are looking for a quality Realtor to put your property on the market, you‘ve come to the right place.  Jerry Cecil PLLC will listen to your concerns and get the most out of the sale of your property.  Jerry Cecil PLLC will;

  • Perform research to discover the right market price for your property
  • Meet with you and discuss how the selling process works
  • Take professional looking pictures to properly advertise your property
  • List your property on the MLS and all major websites
  • Install a professional looking sign at your property
  • Produce a professional flyer for your property Buying a property
  • Give you periodic updates on how the sale is going
  • Help close the sale of your property

Buying A Property

There are many considerations when buying a property.  Jerry Cecil PLLC knows the Prescott area and will;

  • Sit down with you, research the MLS and get a list of properties you want to see
  • Show you any property you wish to see
  • Be honest about any property you are looking into
  • Help you find a lender if needed
  • Help you negotiate a good price for the property
  • Help you find a good property inspector
  • Help you close the deal


  • High quality custom homes
  • Properties in golf communities
  • New Construction
  • Properties within Equestrian areas

Ready to Get Started?

Jerry can answer some questions that you have and help you with the next step.

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